Download Free EP - An Introduction to The Sighs of MonstersA Manifesto

The Sighs of Monsters is a band from London, though none have the same passport, so the absolute truth is more complicated than that. We’re all travellers and migrants, or the children of travellers and migrants, and consequently we share between us the sounds and rhythms of “all over the place”. But we have found ourselves here, and here we make our stand.

We love albums¬†– like the classic albums you can listen to from beginning to end – so that’s what we set out to make. Is it cavalier? Is it a Quixotic mission at a time when only sonic-wallpaper pop and 20th century legacy music is selling? Yes. Of course! We don’t expect to make our fortune playing this music for you, but we do it because we’re compelled to do so. We must make this music, or die.

Our band spends a great deal of the time crafting songs in our little studio, shaping and reshaping our each piece. Occasionally we venture out onto the stage when it seems like fun to play, or a good cause asks us to, or we simply want to stand in front of people and ask: do you feel it too?

We want to create something for the type of music fan that enjoys sitting back and listening to an album as a cohesive work: someone with patience, and who remembers why they loved music. We make, in that sense, music both for ourselves and for our fellow travellers.

We like to make albums which are as much art as artefact.¬†We’ve made three albums to date which we’re absolutely sure you will appreciate and enjoy:

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