We’ve Made A New Album

We began recording Present in November 2021, and exhaustedly downed tools in early March 2024. At some point along the way, it became an album of songs dwelling on the idea of ‘community’: How fundamentally we need community, how it liberates and elevates us, how it oppresses, its capriciousness, its dissolution, trying to survive without it. It’s not a coincidence that it began percolating directly in the wake of the COVID lockdowns.

The Sighs of Monsters make music purely for the love of music creation and to add to the corpus of thoughtful, poetic and expressive albums available for the discerning listener. There is no profit or material gain to be had. In fact, the process is very expensive and drawn out. We usually spend two years or more crafting songs, recording and mixing them and shaping them into albums. We’ve released three to date and our fourth is out now!

In today’s world, it is up to patrons of the arts to support the artist directly, and the best way to do that is buying our music via Bandcamp – on CD, cassette, or digital download. Buy on Bandcamp


We have a YOUTUBE PLAYLIST of us performing a few of the songs from the album in our studio.



A Manifesto

The Sighs of Monsters are unashamedly a Gen-X band. They are a group confronting the growing shadow of middle age with unresolved existential questions, doubts and, occasionally, flashes of insight. Looking back on youth, with its memories of promises and disappointments, the spectre of old relationships, loves lost, loves found, and loves in an uncertain limbo, the group craft quirky songs and cathartic anthems for other Gen-Xers in a similar place.

Sparks, The Cure, The Smiths, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pear Jam, The Pixies, REM, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, these are their touchstones, together with Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, The Beatles, and whatever else was in the record collections of their boomer parents, from a time when music still filled childhood with miracles and wonder. Is it any wonder that The Sighs of Monsters are compelled to create albums – the single most important late 20th century art form, challenged perhaps only by the auteur-films of Kubrick, Carpenter, Scorsese, Lucas and Tarantino.

The Sighs of Monsters make music for the aficionado, not for the Spotify algorithm or the casual iTunes downloader.

This is a band that is serious about music. This is a band committed to its art. This is a band that cares about delighting, entertaining and challenging its audience, which it knows loves music and lyrics as much as they do.

Amongst all the noise and distractions of social media and the virtual unreality, there is still a place in this world for those who want to keep it real, grounded, with more than a few chords, lies, and some tall stories, and a lunge at the truth.

We want to create something for the type of music fan that enjoys sitting back and listening to an album as a cohesive work: someone with patience, and who remembers why they loved music. We make, in that sense, music both for ourselves and for our fellow travellers.

Give us a listen: your time won’t be wasted, your intelligence won’t be insulted, your patience won’t be tried. But your ears will be rewarded.

We’ve made three albums to date which we’re absolutely sure you will appreciate and enjoy.

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