Bird Shot – Our new single

Though it was hard to digest, the threat of nuclear war loomed over the world again this month as another despot with grand delusions sent in his army to fulfil some twisted national destiny. Once again the citizens of peaceful cities took cover in underground shelters as sirens wailed above ground. This song is not a direct political commentary on current events however, but rather a rumination on what drives the tyrannical personality, and on the fragility of peace.

Our new single: ‘More Than Blue’

This track is a collaboration between The Sighs of Monsters and poet David Chislett. The poem “More Than Blue” appears in his new collection of poetry With All Of You and we were tasked with setting it to music, along with other artists who chose other works.

The poem references the cultural impact of New Order’s “Blue Monday” as it pounded out of the loudspeakers of the clubs in the 1980s, as the author “found his tribe”. We’ve made some cheeky references to it in our musical treatment.

The Poem/Lyrics:

I dance and twitch in a moment
Eyes fixed on a point
‘Blue Monday’ in my ears
Nineteen eighty-five
Heart is exploding
Not because of some girl
Something bigger than myself
Something I recognise

Found my tribe in that moment
A place I would call home
Nineteen eighty-five
would last a long time
But my colours are no longer
nailed to that mast
They are now my own
Now they are my own

From “With All Of You” by David Chislett

Dust – Our new album

Our new album DUST was released today. It is available for digital download or on CD via Bandcamp.

“And, behold, there came a great wind from the wilderness, and smote the four corners of the house, and it fell upon the young men, and they are dead; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.”

Fate is indifferent. It is neither unkind nor unjust. Nevertheless, it has left us here to tell you the stories of the dead and the defeated. You will have your own tales, no doubt, which occupy your thoughts at the most unexpected of times, but this is our testimony which we hope to share with you.

Without the dread of grief and death, there cannot be the the ecstasy of joy and innocence unbridled. One holds a mirror to the other. And, be that as it may, we can avoid none of it so let us proceed together. Let us speak of such things.

After Charlie

This song was written in January 2015 shortly after the news of the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office, and a Kosher supermarket. During the course of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the murderers targeted only one woman: the Jewish writer, Elsa Cayat ” In November, Paris faced a shocking reprise of terror. These acts of slaughter, as bookends to 2015, presage an era of horror, and a shift within our culture, that impacts us all.

The proceeds from the sale of this single will be donated to The Campaign Against Antisemitism (