Behind The Songs: Jack

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Songwriter Dean Sobers explains the story behind the song that the BBC’s Tom Robinson called “a work of howling genius”:

“Many years ago I overheard an argument that escalated into a fight. I was living in a shared house with a man somewhere in his sixties and a younger man in his late teens.

They’d barely got along, and things teetered over the edge when a car jack – belonging to the older man – went missing from the hallway. I bravely listened to the whole thing from my room, then scampered away and wrote a song about it. I was aiming for Sparks, like most musicians are.

I’ve recorded three versions of the song. The one on Ground is the saddest.”

Jack can be found on our album ‘Ground’, available on CD and Digital from Bandcamp. Another is on the album The Water Boatman by the Language of Prairie Dogs, also on Bandcamp.

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