Leon Lazarus

Gary was young and he shone like the righteous
With girls at his side and a matchbox with no matches
Flying freely through life like a grinning speckled god

Gary was strong and believed in all he believed in
with untouchable spirit that screwed without sin
Reckless as only the young can be

The phone rings twice and I reach to answer
The movie on 1 screams death and disaster
Harry takes out his gun and makes someone’s day

Hello, speak up, I can’t hear you
hello… hello… what that’s coming through
Oh Hi Jude, what’s that you said (Gary’s dead)

Jenny cried long onto my shoulder
Gary was always my favourite brother
Why did they take him and leave Jude with us?

Gary, oh Gary did they fuck with your head
Did you love anyone when you last lay on your bed
You had it all together, they took your brightest day

When they opened the earth to lay you down
No one would admit that the system crushed your crown
You believed in all you believed in and now you’re dead.