Boom & Bust

Brett Lock

There was a time I was young and thin
I had more hair and a cocky grin
Me and my mates would drive around the town
Something was up if there was nothing going down

Our glory days, the cut, the thrust
I’d dust my broom through boom and bust
Jim drives an Uber, a software CEO
Me? Who knows? I’m always on the go

Some people spend their lives tethered to the ground
And others tumble down from the hills they’ve climbed
Me, I don’t know, as long as I’m bound
someplace else, well, I don’t mind

Someone passes, and whispers in your ear
It’s a ship of fools, there’ll be one less next year
the sirens wail, a sailor cries
on an ocean becalmed everyone dies

Live your life like you sail into the sun
Live it hard like there’s more work to be done
Who cares how, what will be will be
If it slips away, hold on to me

  • From the album DUST.