Lost and Lonely

Brett Lock

I cannot remember a cut deeper or more unkind
I’m beyond consolation; I’m quite out of my mind
Wounded now, I’m winded, I’m blown beyond reason
It’s been a long, cold and rough, inhospitable season
And I’m drunk with regret, rum-loathing and despair

When you said you’d left me
crows circled in the sky
they could tell without you I was lost
and certainly would die

Please don’t leave me, baby
Please don’t leave me, baby
Please stay with me, baby
Or I will die.

I’m lost and I’m lonely and I don’t even know why
Suspended mid-motion not looking a thing in the eye
My shoes are like shining uranium, I can see my face in them
Reflecting this middle-class hunger, raging inside me again.
I’m scared, I am scared, I’m terrified you’re not there

When you said you’d left me
scavengers circled round
to peck at my body before it was
buried in the ground.

Your promises all were hollow
and my hopes in funeral black
when a love is lost for sure
you’ll never get it back

  • From the album DUST.