Saturday Morning 5am

Brett Lock

You come up for air, the club now seems so stale
The sun touches your skin for the first time you feel so pale
Saturday morning has turned into Sunday
A new day is dawning and you’re on your way

A touch on your hand, a jump-start, a shock
there’s a place to eat nearby, it’s on the next block
You gaze into eyes which stare back at you
You say someplace else has got a great view

It’s Sunday morning the sun is still red
the music from last night still pumps in your head
and your heart is still dancing from the sweet things that were said
You show no restraint as you fall into bed

Scattered clothes on the floor lie on alien shoes
and the hand in your hair says you’re no beggar, you can choose
Sunday evening has has turned on a sun ray
A new day is dawning, and you’re on your way

Recorded by The Sighs of Monsters and available on Soundcloud.