Sea Stories

Dean Sobers

“(His eyes seem warlike.
But I know
this look. What’s happened is he’s wet himself and
confused the scent
with that of brine.

Now – you
get him cleaned while I do likewise
here – and
allow him to trouble you with his
sea stories.

And if
you can be seen to be somewhat
awed, it
shows you well to the others
– and from his perspective,

plays well
for him to them, which he’ll appreciate
– or the part of him busy massaging
the defeat,

having him
smell brine instead of urine.) Hey – my colleague
here is going to go with you for
a quick walk.”

“I smell-”
“-the sea,
I know.

Tell him
(that’ll be you).
I’ve told him about you. I’m stuck here. Let him
walk with you for awhile.”