The Circus

Brett Lock

There were hooting cars, there were flashes of light
As joyful people spilled out into the night
“Zip up your coat, it’s getting quite cold”
My mom said, and I did what I was told.

They say it’s time but I don’t want to go
I stand in line watching footprints in the snow

The flakes were falling as we made our way
Towards to big top, it was Ascension Day
“Thank you Jesus for this break from work”
My dad said and nudged me with a smirk.

Some people take to the flying trapeze
Others tame lions all with seeming ease
I lived my life while waiting my turn
Like Job I believed there was a lesson I’d learn.

I am plucked from my seat as the circus roars
My shoes dusty with sawdust, I’m deaf from applause
The house lights go down, a spotlight’s thrown on me
I freeze in terror, as he shines his light on me

On the day that I leave this world
There’ll be no flash of cannon nor flags unfurled
A slow release until I feel no pain
And I hear your voice calling out my name.

You call my name as I head into the snow
You call my name as I head into the snow

  • From the album DUST.