Review: Lie

We were thrilled to receive a really positive review of our new album, Lie, by the Dutch music website, Your Music Blog.

Here’s an extract:

Listening to the album I was hooked from the first bars of I Hear Drums. Call it infectious, call it catchy, call it what you like, it is a damn clever way to start. From a bit of distance it is quite remarkable how 4 guys can deliver music so diverse and still sound spot on in every second of it. Whether it is a more elaborate track like Superman In The Silence, the almost Johnny Cash sounding Fight or the almost New Wave sounding song like Hello. And if you now think this is a patchy work, forget it. Don’t know how they do it,  but nothing seems out of place here.

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Review: Drawing

Jonker-album is ‘n skatkis vol klanke

Elkeen hoor Ingrid Jonker ­anders. Gee vir ‘n uiteen­lopende groep musikante die geleentheid om Jonker te laat sing, en jy kry soveel hoofde, soveel sinne. Ingrid Jonker: Die kind is nog jonger is ‘n skatkis waaruit ­klanke borrel, ‘n produk so uiteen­lopend as die musikante, so interessant soos die digter self.

A review of our song ‘Drawing‘ contributed to the Ingrid Jonker tribute album, Die Kind Is Nog Jonger.

“Vir my is die hoogtepunt van die eerste album egter “Drawing” (gebaseer op die gedig “Tekening – Vir Jack”) van The Sighs of Monsters – ’n Britse groep met ’n Suid-Afrikaanse konneksie in die persoon van Brett Lock. Van hierdie lied is daar ’n pragtige video op You­Tube wat in ’n historiese 14de-eeuse kerkie in Kent in Engeland tydens kunstefees daar opgeneem is. Treffer staan dubbel en dwars oor hierdie liedjie geskryf.”

Translation: “For me, the high point of the first album was ‘Drawing (based on the poem Drawing – for Jack) by The Sighs of Monsters – a British group with a South African connection in the person of Brett Lock. There is a lovely video for this song on YouTube recorded in a historic 14th century church in Kent, England, during an arts festival. ‘Hit’ is written large all over this song.”