Music Video – Bird Shot

Though it was hard to digest, the threat of nuclear war loomed over the world again this month as another despot with grand delusions sent in his army to fulfil some twisted national destiny. Once again the citizens of peaceful cities took cover in underground shelters as sirens wailed above ground. This song is not a direct political commentary on current events however, but rather a rumination on what drives the tyrannical personality, and on the fragility of peace.

The video is set at a fictitious TV News channel as things unravel for the mad tyrant.

Music Video – “Drawing”

The Sighs of Monsters were privileged to be able to film the video for the song they originally recorded for the forthcoming tribute to South African poet, Ingrid Jonker, in a historic 14th century medieval church in Kent, England during the village of Southfleet’s annual festival during which the building is transformed into an art gallery. A few of the parishioners and visitors took a break from wondering around the paintings in this splendid Gothic setting to see what all the noise was about. They seemed to appreciate our efforts and even provided some polite applause at the end. But what an epic setting for such an epic poem! We hope our music and performance does it justice.

‘The Engagement’ Music Video

The epic swords-and-sandals official film for ‘The Engagement’. We cut the video from public domain footage from Il Gladiatore Invincibile, a 1961 Italian/Spanish film directed by Alberto De Martino and Antonio Momplet. It was the perfect metaphor.